Hello World.

This quote gives a clear idea about the way in which we should work for the success in my later post i will tell  you the definition of success, well i know when we start define something with our limited knowledge, that means we are building wall around us so sometimes it is hard to cross the wall of  our limited intellect.

The time when we start ignoring the real truth just because it is not in our knowledge then it makes us to hold the crown of ignorance which leads to a very hazardous Ego.

 As we know the very nature of human is to defining or judging the things they see by their little handful of knowledge, it is appreciated if we perceive the reality & start observing before we make any conclusion.

The seeking of knowing the ultimate is the better way either to escape from the cage you built or  to expand the knowledge you have.

So Study gives Success 

Here the study means the academic studies you are forced of suppose to go through, it actually builds an idea about the thing & the happening around you so it actually made to enable you to have an unique view of approach the all possible happening absolutely not to conclude but to understand the fundamental of this world.

Because the study curriculum we have they offered us such study material or we can say general textbooks, which can be perceived by any number of students which is substantially not advanced .

But it takes you to the starting point of you journey towards the Success.

Learning Gives Earning 

Learning Means

Here in very first line I have told about the study then what exactly the Learning is.....
Learning is always holds a different approach like a futuristic point of view to the situation happening just right  now.
Learning is a very thin state of intellect between  Observation & perception.
Which makes the foundation for building of your confidence .
so to build experience first learn with absolute observation , perception & attention .

Mistake gives Motivation

Mistakes are not to, regret what wrong you did
Convert your mistakes to the milestone of your life so that you will never meet the same again

Milestones do not take you anywhere,

it shows exactly where you are on the way to success

Ashis Kumar Behera (AKB)


  1. Ur words gives strebstr& courage sir ... Thank you so much for motivating ....


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