Business stands with every single aspect of our life starting from morning to the bed time, let me explain you, we generally implies business with a Give & Take responsibility with a company or community ultimately to a person to serve the  society which fulfill  necessity of it.
No doubt now a days a piece of paper dominating the world market by means of substituting the faith between on another. Money plays a significant role in business we can't think any business without the income or outcome of any of your effort because everything has its own cost less or more  no  matters.
So the above pic of mine show the basic of the business for the Startup Entrepreneurs 
It says 

Every Entrepreneur should


Learn to make Money

                         What i am trying to say is we must understand these many entrepreneurs they jumped into business without knowing what it takes from you for the first time when they are  just at the starting point of it & it is very sure that the very first effort in business is one time investment but it cost more when you don't plan  how to deal with it .

So it required a plan a process &  a profound expression to the interest of the society 

Learn to Manage it

Its is the most important part of the business while doing business there are two thing on the surface one is Investment & one is Income.

Well the core of every business is the way you manage the flow of the money if you lose then nobody can drive you out of the mess you spread.

 Money management lies with a planing & a procedure to accomplish while going for an investment step in Business.

Learn to Multiply it

Business is a game to play with the profit & lose where a good businessman always plays with some extra card to use in very crucial period of his Business.

So here come the matter of talent to multiply the money you invested i am not appreciating the greediness  in the business  but you must survive in the business & also the fact is in the worst situation  only Money can  help you.

First Learn the above i said

Earn to Make Money
Earn to manage it
Earn to Multiply it 

Ashis Kumar Behera AKB


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